Reseau particulier

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描述: A spoof James Bond film with hardcore. James Love must thwart the plans of the mad professor who has invented a virus (delivered in strawberry jam) that makes penises go limp. Apart from Jamess female assistants (one of whom is Sylvia, played by Cathy Stewart) and groupies, the mad professor has two female lab assistants, one of whom is Marianne Aubert and the other, and a couple of female friends who attend the party/orgy he holds. Agent Kathleen (Isabelle Brell) is the Colonels agent inside the Professors organisation. She overhears the Profesor and his lab assistants talk of their successful development of the virus. She is overheard telephoning the information to the Colonel by Alban Ceray who blackmails her into having sex with him, which she does, but poisons him afterwards...