Search For An Angel

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描述: Search For An Angel is a great classic film from the eighties brought to us by Western Visuals and director Henri Pachard. Featuring guy on girl action including several interracial scenes, anal and oral action and a fabulous threesome where two guys fill up their lady partner's holes with some kinky double penetration. Jasmine, an absolutely steamy and sleazy performer, steals the show with her one upside down anal sex scene with Ray victory in Search for an Angel, an otherwise average video from Henry Pachard. It details the story of two photographers' search for the perfect model for a new lingerie line. The story is rather mundane and the sex is generally average. jasmine, with her long black locks and screaming bod, is worth seeing, as is Lynn LeMay, fast becoming a top-notch sexual performer. The rest of the scenes do not generate much.