Badd Girls

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描述: Fully loaded with rich, silly dialogue, energetic aerobic sex and good looking babes who appear to have swallowed a lot of Mexican Jumping Beans, Badd Girls is a thoroughly enjoyable hoot that practically the whole family can enjoy. Rebecca Bardoux stars in this bawdy all-girl spoof of a thoroughly femme Western presently making the rounds in legitimate theatres. It is not a reprise of the great Svetlana movie from 1981, but it has considerable charm. A fully realized Western, the girls are dressed to the nines in cowboy chic and enunciate their dialogue in twang. 'Like mah dusty pussy,' is a repeated line. The best scene is a threeway fest with Kim Chambers, Vanessa and Traci Prince that takes place in the bar of a brothel. The sex is hot and stimulating - no faked orgasms here! There's pussylicking galore, as the girls prove themselves uninhibited when it comes to fingering and tit massage. In a later sequence, Bardoux and London enjoy gut wrenching mutual masturbation while bouncing on an unmattressed bedspring. Ouch, I thought, but they revel in it. Badd Girls got my husband's attention away from the NBA play-off finals. I can not think of a stronger recommendation.